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New Years Resolutions 2020

Its New Years Resolution time. Let’s raise our glass to the days that have past and resolve to do a few things better in the coming ones. Certainly, 2020 has asked a lot of us. Personally, I am thankful for the lessons our changing world has taught me. I have been pushed to a new level of challenge, but have also reached a new level of success. Undoubtedly, this is true for every one of us in our own unique way. With that in mind, I toast to the things that made me grow this year and shout a hearty CHEERS to what 2021 will bring. As for resolutions? Yeah… I have a few. I plan to consciously make use of the lessons 2020 has taught me to thrive better in my daily living.

Bring the Joy

Coming from the bright side can be difficult when challenges start closing in on your comfort zone. It’s easy to get overwhelmed, depressed or angry when life doesn’t go as planned. There are, however, two sides to every coin. In life, I interpret that as there being a “good side” to every situation we react to as “bad”. Small as it may seem, the good is there. Train yourself to find it. Smile and be grateful you are handed a situation you will grow from. Start from your happy place FIRST, then look for a solution. We are often so stuck thinking of all the impending doom a situation could bring, we forget there could be powerful positive outcomes too!

Go With the Flow

I have a lot of residual control freak left in me. 2020 taught me to let go of a LOT! Especially the need to neatly check off the checklist of daily life.  I have learned, instead, to flow with changes in plans, interrupted routines and challenging schedules. Whatever presents itself into my well-planned schedule is just merely telling me it needs my immediate attention. Attending to what grabs me clears the path to freely move back to regularly planned activities. Accepting change as part of my daily routines makes my days more fun. I look forward to the adventures this game of life will bring in 2021.


“When will now be a good time?” I remembered snickering at Tony Robbins when I first heard him use that phrase. Waiting for a perfect moment to take action on something? Lose that last ten pounds, save up enough money, reach some milestone BEFORE you allow yourself some “reward”. I learned to use the word NOW often. NOW is a good time to make that phone call. NOW is a good time to go for a walk. NOW is a good time to buy that house. NOW takes commitment. NOW takes action. NOW starts the journey. Its ok to not know the end. Just introduce the story line into your life. One. Baby. Step. At a Time.

These three things were key to my adjusting to the changes presented this past year. I believe taking them with me into 2021 will help me stay present in my life. From there, I will be able to navigate the unknown path ahead with confidence, patience and excitement. I raise my glass in a toast to you that you too may find your way to new year filled with all the things that are important to you. Na Zdarovje!