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My Balanced Style of Personal Training

Personal Training

“I want to work out, but I don’t have the time”
“I can’t afford to eat healthy/ organic food”
“I have been working out like crazy, but I am not losing weight”

Time. Money. Results.
They are the demise of  good intentions everywhere.
DON’T let them get in the way of your goals!

No gym required!

  • The comfort of home – in person within a 10 miles, or by video instruction.
  • Food prep and meal planning based on your taste, habits, goals and health
  • FUN fitness programs that (almost) don’t seem like exercise
  • A planned reward system for your efforts
  • At your pace & affordable – From 2 sessions per month to every other da


Email it to & receive your first session outline for FREE. You decide from there…

Simply Healthy Lifestyle Coaching

The many people I worked with along the way gave me the best education I could receive. I choose to emphasize the “personal” part of my profession, and not the “training”. Listening to my clients likes and dislikes has allowed me to develop a truly unique experience for everyone! I have enjoyed shopping, meal planning, spa days, and even a game of ping-pong or 2 with my clients.

I find the best places in YOUR life to fit healthy habits into! I believe that vital, energetic health is the firm foundation to success in any area of your life. It allows you to provide the focus, effort and stamina necessary for successful endeavors of any measure. I like to consider it a lifestyle enhancement program – you living life to your fullest in a healthy body you



Our session will range from 1 -2 hours depending on what we are doing that day.

Private: $25 each

BFF: $20 each for 2 people – bring your best buddy & save $5 each!

Six Pack: $135 -pre-pay for 6 sessions and SAVE $15!

Ten Pack: $225 – pre-pay for 10 sessions and get one free!

All sessions are payable at the time of service. Six and Ten Pack balance due at first session and must be used within 90 days. I accept cash, check or credit card (MC, Visa, Discover)


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Meet Maria Licht

 Maria Licht - Simply Healthy LifePersonal Trainer, SHL Webmaster & Contributing Editor, Maria Licht has a life-long love affair with the health & fitness profession. Starting with a degree in Exercise Science & Psychology, she went on to study Cardiovascular Technolology and massotherapy and became an American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) Certified Sports & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) as well as holding many aerobics and group exercise class certifications.

She has 25+ experience in corporate fitness, personal training and health club management, and is a former competitive cyclist and triathlete. Maria is also Level 1 Reiki certified and has studied nutrition extensively. She is founder of Fit Bowler, fitness training specifically focused toward the adult and senior competition bowler.

Our goal is to blend food, fitness and fun in to a balanced, enjoyable approach that is so subtle, you’ll swear you are wasting your time – but the results will be too obvious to deny! Maria’s personal mission is to be an example of living simply, self-responsibly and in harmony with our planet and the people on it.

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